How To Find Us

Moonlight Drive is located at
Linenhall Car Park,
Nicholas St,
Chester CH1 2NX

Please be aware of roadworks nearby which may affect your journey to Moonlight Drive Find out more at 


How will it work on the night?

Will I be able to see from my car?

Everyone should be able to get a great view from their car. Large cars (including vans, people carriers, 4x4s) will be parked in a different zone to standard sized cars, you can select the correct ticket for your car size at checkout. Check the size of your vehicle at

When should I arrive?

Arrival times are staggered in 15-minute blocks to ease traffic queuing and allow everyone to park up safely and get settled . Please ensure you arrive at the time specified on your ticket . Cars will be greeted by staff on arrival and helped to their spot.

How will I hear the film?

Sound will be transmitted over FM and we will share instructions on how to tune in on the night. If you’re worried about your car battery, then feel free to bring a battery powered radio or boombox. Don’t try to use a radio app as there will be a delay – it’s old fashioned FM all the way at Moonlight Drive.

If your car runs out of juice we have the equipment to fire you back up before you go…

Should I have my car on during the film?

Please don’t leave your engine running during the film, all that exhaust smoke is not fun.  Please also turn off the car’s interior and exterior lights so you don’t distract others.

In these socially distanced times, extended camping on chairs outside the car is a no-no we’re afraid, but otherwise please make yourselves as comfortable as possible.  Blankets are a must, cushions and picnics very much the thing. 


Will I have to wear a mask?

Please us a face covering if you leave your car to use the toilets at Storyhouse. Otherwise, these are not required.


When can I leave after the film?

After the film and to ensure everyone is able to exit safely, we will guide cars out of the car park, please remain parked in your vehicle until it is your turn to leave.


Are there toilets available?

There are toilets at Storyhouse over the road, it’s a three-minute walk. Please wear a face covering when visiting Storyhouse to use the toilets.

Pizza & Retro Treats


Wood-fired Pizzas £8

Our chefs at Twelfth Slice will be serving up fresh pizzas whilst adhering to strict health and hygiene standards. Pizzas will be brought straight to your car with contactless delivery. 

Choose from:
Margherita (9″)
Pepperoni (9″)
Roasted Vegetable (9″)

Must be pre-ordered up to 24 hours before your visit.


The Retro Collection £12

Classic snacks and sweet treats including
Space Raiders
Jelly Beans
Dip Dabs
Fizz Wizz popping candy
Metcalfe’s Sweet & Salty popcorn
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
two cans of Fanta.

Must be pre-ordered up to 24 hours before your visit.


Moonlight Drive takes place from 8 July 2020 at Linenhall Street Car Park, more locations and dates will be announced soon. 

All films are scheduled to start at 9.30pm, but depending on light conditions, the latest time it will start will be 20 minutes later.

The gates will open at 7.30pm, and entry will be staggered over 15minute blocks. Please ensure you arrive at the arrival time on your ticket to guarantee entry.

Running times are:
Back to the Future:
Grease: 110mins
Mary Poppins Returns: 118mins
Jurassic Park: 126mins
Sister Act: 100mins

Sister Act 1


Back To The Future 2

If you have any access needs, please do let us know by contacting, so we can try to ensure any provisions or assistance are in place.

Accessible toilets are located at Storyhouse.

If you wish to bring a dog to Moonlight Drive, you are welcome to do so. All we ask is that they can be kept under control and don’t disturb other cinema-goers.